About Us

Axciton Systems, Inc.

For 25 years, since Axciton was the first company to produce a usable computerized polygraph system, Axciton has been exclusively focused on the advancement of computerized polygraph systems, and the science of polygraph. We are driven to serve our customers needs and continue to believe in giving them the personal time and attention they deserve. We listen to our customer's feedback and respond with a quick turn-around of updates to have the product that best suits the needs and desires of the polygraph industry.

Our resources are dedicated to provide you, the client, with the constantly evolving, maturing and undeniably best polygraph system on the market. We, at Axciton have developed industry unmatched algorithms such as White Devagus-Despike and White Standard to ensure the examiner can achieve a better overall accuracy. We continue to develop new tools to enhance the examiners scoring abilities and simplify the processes involved. Axciton provides the examiner with a powerful, versatile and easy to use software package.

Our current version of the software is the result of numerous interviews with polygraph examiners in the field. Many examiners have told us how easy the new version is to use and learn. Included in the new version is a fully comprehensive interactive help menu that includes instructions on basic Windows operation and a printable manual, which can be also downloaded through our download page. We also provide timely Technical Support by e-mail, phone or fax. Please remember that we are not only here to provide you with the best possible polygraph system but to serve you as well.


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