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At Axciton Systems, Inc. we are committed to finding solutions to your problems. A problem many examiners encounter is not always being able to detect physical countermeasures. Axciton Systems, Inc. has recently introduced a solution, our new and advanced Motion Sensor Pad. This pad is so sensitive and advanced that it can detect even the smallest sphincter contractions and can even detect some toe curls without additional attachments (additional pad for feet recommended). In addition, the pad has been designed to be completely hassle-free (no pumping involved), easy to use and install. It is also lightweight, compact and portable. The new Motion Sensor Pad from Axciton Systems, Inc. can be the tool you need to detect physical countermeasures!

Axciton Systems, Inc. was the first computerized polygraph company to release and develop the technology of using piezoelectric pressure sensors (piezoelectric crystals convert vibrations into electric impulses or vice versa) in an array (released 03/2003).

See the example below on how clearly our new Motion Sensor Pad helps you identify a physical countermeasure not always in clear sight.

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In order to use this advanced motion sensor you must have a new and improved 5-channel sensor box and be running our Windows software. Please contact us for more information on how you can obtain this new Motion Sensor Pad today!
Because Axciton Systems, Inc. is exclusively dedicated to the development and advancement of polygraph, we are able to continuously implement features in our software that meet the examiner’s needs and desires.

New Hand Scoring Tool

The latest version of our Windows Software introduces a new Hand Scoring Tool (see pic. 1-1). The Axciton Hand Scoring Tool gives you the option of choosing between a 3 point and a 7 point scoring system. In addition, you can choose the sequence of Relevant questions you wish to score. The Axciton Hand Scoring Tool will automatically give you a total per question (see pic. 1-2) and calculate a grand total for all questions selected. At the end, you make the call for the spot chosen and for the entire session (see pic. 1-3).

Unlike other hand scoring tools, you may resize the window to one more visibly appealing. Plus, you can create an unlimited number of hand scoring tables for every session.

  Pic. 1-1 Hand Scoring Tool screen/table which can be resized.  
  Pic. 1-2 Select the question to score.  
  Pic. 1-3 You are in control.The Hand Scoring Tool will automatically calculate the scores but you make the call.  

STAR math is proprietary and portions of its methodology are withheld.

Definition of terms:

  • Bimodal – Bi (two) modal (modes or classes)
  • Bimodal population - any population of data that forms two separate states of existence.
  • Primary bimodal population - the bimodal population closest to the source of that which is being measured.
  • Convolution – any process of modification, adding to, overlaying or alteration of data as it passes through a medium, or transfer process from a point of origin to its next expression.
  • Secondary bimodal populations – any bimodal population that is convolved in some way from a particular primary (parent) bimodal population.
  • Hidden unseen primary bimodal population – any bimodal population that cannot be directly measured, but can only be measured by indirect secondary convolved bimodal populations.  Example: in polygraph it is pneumo, electrodermal, cardio, and in cancer it would be blood test 1, 2, 3, etc.

Recreation of a hidden unseen primary bimodal data population from its secondary bimodal populations by STAR math:

At the heart of all polygraph scoring methodologies is how to combine the scores of each polygraph channel in a way that most closely approaches a correct deceptive or truthful state within a polygraph subjects mind.  Define this as scoring accuracy, in the recreation of the hidden unseen truthful/deceptive bimodal population.  Separate from scoring accuracy is the problem of clarity of issue, countermeasure control, and stability of the emotional channels outside of fear during the exam as described in a separate paper on DRIFT.  This overview of STAR is concerned with scoring accuracy only, and not with these last DRIFT concerns that have separate research directions in Axciton.  STAR math is based on an insight by Bruce White that most of the information needed to recreate the true hidden unseen bimodal data population is contained in the relationship of the separate convolutional processes embedded in each secondary bimodal data populations such as pneumo, electrodermal, cardio.  This specialized relational deconvolutional process methodology is proprietary but is the basis of the extreme scoring accuracy that STAR has shown in the field and in the lab on confirmed cases.


 Presently, our lab data on confirmed cases for NDI populations appear to be 93% with no genuine false hits (population 336 Zone, MGQT, 2QZone), and 92% for DI (population 483 Zone, MGQT, 2QZone).  The DI confirmed population did have 2 % false hits but they did not have a motion channel.  Those sessions appeared to have unconfirmed countermeasure oddities, heavy MI, etc.).  I suspect countermeasure attempts are much greater in DI than NDI populations.  Nearly all STAR users have also purchased a motion pad to reduce countermeasures. Among this population  (approximately 60), include q/c departments, 4 past APA presidents, and other leaders in the profession.  There has not been reported a confirmed non DRIFT false hit in the 4 years STAR has been in use among these Axciton motion pad STAR users. (Note: as accurate as STAR is, it is inept in knowing when a bad exam has been run, and expects clarity of issue, as well as countermeasure control and general proper DODPI technique and procedures on a single issue test to achieve its extreme accuracy that consistently exceeds what was previously thought possible.  Even though the price of $2500 is the highest algorithm cost, Axciton gives unlimited free email STAR processing to all Axciton customers, and other STAR users are free to process the charts of their colleagues.

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